Friday, August 31, 2012

Earn "Free Plays" with AutoRap App

Two days ago, I was very excited about the AutoRap App by Smule.  This app can turn an ordinary person into a rap star by mixing recorded phrases to create an instant rap. Last night, my daughter tried to record a new song and I discovered this "Free" App only allows the user to create and share one free song.  I was incredibly disappointed.

I wasn't sure that creating one free song hooked me into shelling out 2.99 for 60 plays, or 5.99 for an infinite amount of plays.  The price isn't really bad, but I wasn't ready to pay for it.

I continued to explore the app and discovered that you can earn additional "Free Plays" within the app.  I took a tour of they app and earned 10 more plays and watched an advertisement to earned 1 more play. This gives me more time to try it out.

The "Free Plays" allow you to record AutoRaps with the included "free style" music.  There are 3 songs to choose from.  There are also premium packs that include many beats from popular artists. 


  1. wonder if this app participates in the volume purchasing program so the price is a little less. Sometimes in store purchases or upgrades are not available with apps... I like how you write your posts about apps. I need to get back into blogging more again. Thanks for sharing...

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  3. The third paragraph has a spelling error