Thursday, August 30, 2012

AutoRap App

At Home

My 5 year old daughter and I have been using apps at night to make reviewing her day in Kindergarten fun.  Last night we laughed our heads off, as she used the app AutoRap App by Smule.   She sang the Months of the Year Song she learned in school.  AutoRap turned it into a rap.  I think I'll be hearing a lot of creations by Kaylee in the car from now on.

Listen to Kaylee singing the Months of the Year Song using AutoRap

At School

I'm very excited about all the different ways this FREE app can be used in the classroom.  If students use 1 to 3 sentences to review a historical event or summarize a story, they'll enjoy listening and singing to their new rap song.  I also see this app being used for science and reading vocabulary.

My only recommendation is to allow students the opportunity to create their own songs using AutoRap.  If they are given the opportunity to use their own voice to define a vocabulary word, sing a song, or summarize, they will have a great time learning with this app.

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