Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Great Apps for Alphabet Writing Practice

Here are 5 great iPad/iPhone apps that I am using with my preschooler to practice letter sounds, phonics, and alphabet writing.

ABC Letter Tracing Free
Enjoy free, letter tracing, practice while learning to recognize the alphabet. 

Letter Lab .99
Have fun tracing letters.  This app allows the user to choose a pink or blue crayon to write. Practice writing and listen to the letter and word with the beginning sound being pronounced.

iWriteWords  2.99
Be entertained while learning how to write letters.  Drag a cute crab through a sequence of numbers.  After, listen to the letter pronounced and drag or fling the letter into a vortex before moving on. This app includes practice for capital letters, lower case letters, words and numbers.  When your child has finished practicing, press the play button to see how they did.

Dora's Sky Writing Adventure 3.99
Feel some excitement with this writing adventure game.  Help Tico fly his nutty plane by collecting nuts to fuel it.  Drag Tico's airplane to collect nuts and write a letter.  Listen to the beginning letter sound as you collect each nut.  Students will also enjoy the kinesthetic game of moving the iPad to help draw an object with the beginning letter sound.  Add up to 4 players, use the report card to view the completion of upper case, lowercase letters, and combined upper/lowercase letters.

Montessorium Intro to Letters 4.99
Nice app with 5 different ways to learn letters.  Listen to the letter sound, place finger on the arrow and write lower case, upper case or phonograms.  Listen to letter flash cards or record your voice while learning letter sounds and phonograms.

All 5 apps are wonderful apps that I have added to my iTunes App collection.  From free to 4.99, I have saved money and paper as my 4yo has practiced and enjoyed learning to write.  Her favorite app today is Dora's Sky Writing Adventure, because "it's cool." My 18 month old enjoys repeating letters and sounds as I record him with Montessorium Intro to Letters.  He giggles when I play it back for him.