Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AR Flashcards

Do you use alphabet flashcards in the classroom? If so, you have to try out AR Flashcards! They are augmented reality abc and dinosaur flash cards that will bring excitement to the classroom.

What you will need
1. Visit the AR Flashcard website and download their flashcards for free
2. Use a color printer and print out a set of flashcards
3. Cut the cards out on the dotted lines.
4. Download the AR Flashcard App from iTunes or AR Flashcards for Android.
5. Launch the app and try it out!
6. Don't forget to tap on the flashcard when you see the character appear. The creators of the app included audio that says the letter name and the name of the animal. 
7. Be AMAZED!!!

Tips- use white card stock and print them in color

I tested AR Flashcards with my little girl.  Check out her first experience using the app.  :)

Classroom Ideas
Spoiler Alert!!!  I recommend keeping what will happen a secret!  Just guide on the side.  Let them experience and discover it.  Isn't that a reward in learning?
-shuffle the flashcards and have students alphabetize them
-shuffle the cards, lay a limited number out, have students build beginning or ending sounds
-shuffle the cards, lay them out and have students spell their name (you may need two decks of cards)
-print two sets of cards and play memory
-count the legs of each animal
-identify the color of each animal
-identify the number of syllables in each animal word that is on the flashcard

I believe educational apps are best used as part of a great lesson.  How would you use AR Flashcards in your classroom or with your child at home?  I'd love more ideas to share with the teachers I work with.

Special Thanks to Brad Waid and Drew Minock for sharing this awesome app with me at Podstock and Mrs. Gaskin for collaborating with me. I'm excited about scheduling my first tech integration PLC with my PreK-Kinder teachers this year.  Woot!

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