Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ABC Conference

Our instructional technology group was invited to present at the 9th Annual ABC Conference, A Better Beginning Conference, held at the University of Texas at El Paso.  It's a small conference that is put together for novice and mentor teachers in our area.  This conference was complete with a keynote, snacks, ed tech sessions, and a nice lunch to honor a novice and mentor teacher of the year.

The Keynote- Colby Smart
I took the time to look up our Keynote, Colby Smart and follow him on Twitter.  I'm always excited to meet someone new and learn from their experiences.  I have to say that the most exciting part about this Keynote was the interaction.  Colby had Todaysmeet.com open.  He had set up a room for us to share our ideas as he presented his belief and ideas about technology integration.

Colby talked about a small school he works with, Weitchpec: Yurok Immersion School and the importance of keeping their native Yurok Language apart of the learning.  The language is a very important part of the community.  He asked the audience to talk with each other and suggest ways they could use technology to help the students learn the language.  Here are some of the responses from the audience.

Technology Integration & Apps Teachers Love

Sherita and I teamed up to present during this session.

For me, this was my chance to share what technology integration looks like. I think it is important to know when you enter the classroom.  I wanted novice teachers to know what 21st Century Learning is and that student created content is great evidence of technology integration.  I shared the three tiers of technology integration and what they look like in the classroom.  I wanted teachers to know that having a set of iPads or visiting the computer lab for 45 minutes a week did not mean that technology was being integrated effectively.  I have seen teachers visit the computer lab for 45 minutes each week, ask students to go to the same game website all year long, and then sit down and check their email or surf the web for resources.  When I see this, the students are not excited about the learning and it appears to be a break for everyone.

I shared my experience as a new teacher.  I admitted that I did what everyone else did.  I took my class to the computer lab weekly.  The paraprofessional in the lab told my students to pick a CD and play a game on the computer.  The games were educational, but random. I didn't realize that I could say, "no." I didn't realize that I could take them to the computer lab at that time and let them publish a piece of writing, blog, try out a few science simulations, or connect to a global audience.  It wasn't obvious to me. I shared a few things that students have created on the iPad.

3D Shapes with Animoto- 4th grade students collected pictures of 3D shapes around the classroom. They got together and used the Animoto App to build a slide show that shared attributes of each shape.
Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.


Rhyming Words with Puppet Pals HD Director's Pass- 1st grade students were given a scavenger hunt list of words and had to find and photograph words that rhymed with it in the room. After, they used puppets and their voice to share the rhyming words.

Fog Fanner with Puppet Pals HD Director's Pass- I created this with my first grader at home. We had several foggy days in our city.  My daughter had an idea for an invention that would make it easier to see while driving to school.  We had to use Puppet Pals HD to create it.

Sherita shared these iPad Management and Apps that teachers love.  Check out It's All Good! to read her Blog.  Here are the awesome apps she shared with the teachers during the session. They are are on her Resource Spot.

Group Photo of the team that presented from EPISD.
I don't want to forget the things I am presenting, learning, or attending.  Blogging is becoming my way to document and remember.  :)

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