Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Story Buddy App

I tried out the Story Buddy App last week with a 4th Grade Class.  Story Buddy is an app that can be used to write and publish a story.  Students can add text, choose paper, add photos, write, draw, and add audio.  There are a lot of font and color choices to create a specific look.  I liked having the option to rearrange pages, edit, and share the book.  The book can be emailed, sent to the device's iBook Library, printed, or downloaded to your computer with iTunes file sharing.  If you add audio to the story, it is all lost when you share the book via email, in the iBooks library, or downloaded.  It will be a PDF file.  Another thing you need to know is that your creation cannot exceed 15 pages.  I wanted to share the Poem 4C created with the you, so I decided to use Reflections to record their work directly from the app.  This is the only way to currently preserve the audio that is added to the book.

Working with 4C
-Students wrote a class poem.
-Each student was assigned one line of the poem.
-Each student was responsible for creating one page in our book.
-Each student was asked to brainstorm and be ready with an idea for a photo they could take at school or a picture they could draw to make their line of poetry visual.
-Each student had 5-7 minutes to create their page.
-One student recorded the audio.  

Good Job, 4C.  Here is the amazing poem they created with StoryBuddy.

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