Sunday, May 17, 2015

SAMR for PreK and K

I teamed up with PreK and Kinder teachers and facilitators in our district to collaborate on an iPad roll out for early elementary.  I was asked to introduce SAMR to all of the PreK and K teachers in our district.  I thought back to every time I had seen a SAMR presentation or taught teachers about it in the past.  I felt like I needed to create something that would apply to my early elementary teachers.   I collected examples of real student work and looked at some old ways I had seen Pre-K and K teachers using technology and added a few other ideas that I didn't see happening often in classrooms.

The most important part of our presentation was talking about good quality lessons that teachers use to check for understanding and relating SAMR to what prek and kinder teachers do in the classroom.

The teachers on our team challenged me to create the presentation in Nearpod to teach teachers about this awesome tool without directly teaching them about the tool. It worked out really well, teachers enjoyed interacting during our session. The slide show was our Plan B.

We used apps in our SAMR presentation that teachers would use in hands-on workshops taught by teachers on our curriculum writing team during the afternoon sessions.  I made sure to share the lesson ideas as we talked about where they fit in SAMR.

What's even more awesome is, teachers decided they'd like to help me develop our own Pre-K and Kinder Padagogy Wheel similar to the one created by Allan Carrington, because we couldn't find one that would relate to early elementary. I can't wait to collaborate with teachers in our district to do this.

My SlideShare minus the video examples.

SAMR for PreK and K from klwrightbalbier

My NearPod presentation on SAMR for PreK and K


  1. Hey I heard a lot about this! Truly you did wonderful work. Keep doing such work dear. I am also a Phoenix kindergarten teacher and love reading such stuff that can help me in improving my teaching skills. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I've been searching high and low for good solid examples of SAMR in a preK setting to teach to our staff. This is PERFECT!

    1. Thank you, Nicole. My actual presentation has video. Let me know if you could use a few video examples or if you have other ideas. I'm working with Pre-K through 1st Grade teachers to integrate technology. :)

    2. I would love video examples if you have them!

  3. Kinder Lesson- Hello Crayon App and ChatterPix Kids App Example

    A PreSchool child created this- Create a Monster and use ChatterPix Kids App

    The instructional video we created for our Kinder teachers called Monster Characters

    First Day of Kinder Blog Post

    If you want to connect with me on Twitter, FB, or Skype, I can share other examples that are not posted on-line. ;)

  4. Thanks for the helpful information, im new to this and your blog post helped me see some possibilities!

  5. I am so excited about Chatter Pix! We just made our turkeys today in Kindergarten and they are so funny! I just followed you on twitter. I am @kinderkish and my email address is Thanks for this amazing post...even if I'm "late to the party."

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