Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Best Compliment

As an Instructional Technology Specialist, I work with 9 schools, K-12.  I make many classroom visits to work with teachers and students.  Many teachers introduce me to their class as a tech guru or as a person who is really good with technology. Maybe it's because I am always willing to help them with technology and when they attend sessions with me, technology is always involved.  Those are fine introductions.  It is always nice to be introduced to a classroom of excited students.

The best introduction I received was when I visited a 3rd grade classroom.  The teacher turned to her students and said, "Class, this is Mrs. Balbier.  She is my teacher." She went on to explain that she was attending my classes while they were at P.E. to learn all about iPads and the SMARTBoard for them.  

It made me smile.  The best compliment for me is not hearing, "You are a wonderful Instructional Technology Specialist." The best compliments are the times I hear, "You are a wonderful teacher."  <3
This teacher, made my day.  


  1. Thanks for sharing... makes me smile...

  2. Provocative perspective! We all need to be continual learners, and we all need to teach each other.